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Awaken the adventurer in you

Futuroscope is an extraordinary place where the real and the imaginary meet. Here, you can travel to Mars on a roller coaster, jump into a tornado, dance in the arms of a robot or meet the Rabbids.

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where no-one has gone before! 

Jump into a tornado for the ultimate thrill, then take off for Mars - you won't believe your eyes!

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to experience sensations that only exist here 

Fly around the world non-stop, challenge our dancing robots, and scream in a giant swing.

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laughter with your family 

Your children will take control of the Futuropolis town and have fun doing what grown-ups do: firefighter, pilot, site manager...

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in a spectacular world 

Meet a robot who puts on a show, an illusionist with the soul of a child, before plunging into the wonderful world of dreams.

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