Tourism & Handicap Label of Distinction

Futuroscope was awarded the national Tourism & Handicap Label of Distinction in recognition of its facilities for visitors with hearing difficulties and mentally and physically handicapped visitors. This label of distinction requires the holder to sign a charter of commitment.

Attractions and shows

Minimum height

The Futuroscope is a park for the whole family, from 5 years old. To participate in certain attractions a minimum size is required (from 0,90m to 1,20m).
See the attractions page for minimum size requirements.

Smart tip: As soon as you arrive in the park, measure your child at one of the information desks to get a bracelet access to attractions. Depending on its size, it will be able to ride or only to watch as a spectator, when the attraction allows it. If your child is too small, ask for the Young Kids Option (Baby switch) which allows parents to take turns to access the attraction.

Attractions and shows

Maximum height and weight in the attractions

For safety purposes, some attractions are fitted with protective equipment (belts, bars, harnesses, bucket seats, etc). Access to these attractions may be denied to visitors with physical attributes that prevent the safety equipment from being used. The hosts at the entrance to the attractions can advise you and suggest solutions where possible.

See the pages on the attractions for information on restrictions.


The Futuroscope App

Get the most out of your visit with your mobile. This helpful app is handy, free and a great way to discover Futuroscope.

Before you get here: 
• Arrange your day by adding your favourite attractions, and share your top picks with friends. 

While you’re here :
• Use the geolocation feature to see where you are on the map.
• Check the attraction start times and current waiting times, see how far away they are and how to get there in real time.
• Use the “Done it” feature to arrange your visit.
• Check the schedules and menus of the restaurants.
Download the mobile app on the App Store or Google Play


The characters

The characters have got out of their attraction and are coming to meet you around Futuroscope: The Raving Rabbids, Arthur and selenia, Sid and Scrat from Ice Age...


Can we leave the park during the day and come back later ?

To exit the park during the day, our team will affix a colorless stamp on your hand that will allow you to re-enter the same day. If you temporarily leave the car park, you can also request a parking countermark.

Access and services

Motorhome service area

The car park is open to motorhomes. See rates and information in Getting to Futuroscope.
The car park is not accessible to caravans.

Access and services

Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations (free).


Animal reception centre - Kennel

Pets are not allowed inside the park. A kennel is available in the parking lot. Rates: 10€ per day and per animal (+4€ per additional animal).
An up-to-date pet vaccination card must be provided. Category I and II dogs (attack dogs and guard dogs) are not accepted. Water is available for the pets but food is not provided. You can leave the park during the day to tend to your pet (you are responsible for your pet when taking it for a walk). The animal reception centre will remain open for 30 minutes after the end of the evening show.

Read the animal reception centre rules and fill the boarding agreement before your arrival.


Security checks

To ensure your safety, bags and persons are checked at the entrance to the Park. Please comply with those required checks.
- try to avoid bringing bulky bags. Iceboxes are not permitted: please leave them in your vehicle - you can leave the park and return at any time during the day.
- sharp objects, drinks glasses, glass bottles, and alcoholic drinks are not allowed.
To shorten your waiting time during safety checks, we recommend you to arrive 30 minutes before the Park’s opening time.

Futuroscope Park has obtained the SÉCURI-SITE / SAFETY SITE label.