Futuroween is back at Futuroscope!

We’re pumpkin up the fear factor with scenery and musical moods for the occasion, entertainment, a special Kinékid showing, Halloween dinner with Arthur, and more!
And when night is upon us, get ready to meet Grocauchemar in The Key to Dreams, the new evening show at Futuroscope.

Best of Futuroween:


Strange characters...

Strange characters will be coming your way… The "Freaky Family" and the Rocket Vampires are roaming Futuroscope. And there’s always your favourite Raving Rabbids.

"A Monster Family" in 3D

A frightfully funny 3D adventure! They’re enjoying a day out at an amusement park when a witch casts a curse that changes them all into abominable creatures! Will they be able to free themselves from the spell.


"La Table d’Arthur" restaurant is getting into the Halloween spirit with a themed lair of gourmet delights you can get your fangs into without ruining your appetite.

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