Meal plans


"On the go" formula

12.50€ Sandwich or Panini + Dessert + Drink

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L'Atelier des Glaces

Ice creams and Sorbets

6.90€ Ice cream sundae

5.90€ Bubble Waffle

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Food preferences

  • Vegetarian dishes available Vegetarian dishes available
  • Gluten-free dishes available Gluten-free dishes available
Do you suffer from food allergies? Ask the restaurant team directly, we will provide you with a list of the allergens present in our dishes.

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Chasseurs de Tornades

Tornado Chasers

You’ll be whisked away by a mind-blowing storm. The show will sweep you along in a whirlwind experience surrounded by the action on a LED circular screen with special effects and "live" scenes, all on a rising, falling, tilting and turning platform. This experience is unique in the world.
"Outstanding Achievement" - THEA Award 2022


L'Atelier sur le pouce