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With the little ones
Attraction Graines de pilote visio 1

Budding Drivers

With the little ones

Your children will drive by themselves at the wheel of a real electric car. And they’ll be as free as the air we breathe.

New Attraction Stadium Aqualympique visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

Aqualympic Stadium

With the little ones

You'll bounce on water and show off your best aquabatic moves on the floating trampolines. You won’t want to stop.

Attraction Rivière en Chantier visio 1

The Waterworks

With the little ones

Children will help build Futuropolis and you'll see that it isn't all work and no play.
Attraction Ascenso Fusée visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Ascenso-rocket

With the little ones

You'll take off aboard the Ascenso-rocket and you'll never want to take the stairs again.
Attraction Aeroport visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

Futuropolis Airport

With the little ones

Arming the evacuation slides, checking the door opposite - your children will think they are airline pilots and will invent their own stories.
Attraction Aires de Jeux visio 1


With the little ones

You'll discover a new playground and you'll tame giant ants.
Attraction Apprentis Pompiers visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

Fledgling Firefighters

With the little ones

You’ll climb on board the fire engine and use the water hoses. And you’ll have the best aim.

Attraction Bateaux Rigolos visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

Fun Boats

With the little ones

Children will learn to sail and they'll discover the uncharted world of Futuropolis.
Attraction Jardin Aquatique visio 1

The Aquatic Garden

With the little ones

You'll stroll through Begonia's Aquatic Garden and your children will be the first to get wet.