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New Attraction Extraordinaire Voyage Visio 1

The Extraordinary Journey


You'll travel to the 4 corners of the Earth and your feet won't touch the ground.
New Attraction Objectif Mars visio 1

Destination Mars


You'll train for a journey to outer space and you'll want to go live on Mars.

Danse avec les Robots - attraction Futuroscope

Dances with Robots


You'll take dancing lessons with giant robots and they'll send you waltzing around 23 feet up in the air.
Attraction Arthur 4D Visio 1

Arthur, the 4D adventure


You’ll fly a ladybug on a 4D adventure into the world of Arthur and the Minimoys. Nature will never seem the same again.

New Attraction Sebastien Loeb visio 1

Sebastien Loeb Racing Xperience


You'll go hurtling through a slip-sliding, skidding adventure alongside 9-time World Rally Champion Sébastian Loeb. And you'll be raring to go. Put on your virtual reality helmet and you'll be in the heat of the action
Attraction Aerobar Visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Aerobar


You'll sip a drink 115 ft up in the air and you won't want to come down from cloud nine.
Attraction Vienne Dynamique visio 1

Dynamic Vienne


You'll find the Vienne département to be a fairytale experience and your guide on this tourist trip will be a tree.
Attraction Centrifugeuse Visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Centrifuge


You'll settle down in our centrifuge and your head will be in a spin.
Attraction Turbo Splash visio 1

Turbo Splash


You'll discover Archimedes' principle. And it will float your boat.
Attraction Dynamic Visio 1



You'll take part in the most dangerous race ever and you'll feel like a hero.