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New Attraction Objectif Mars visio 1

Destination Mars


This attraction has been specially designed for Futuroscope and is totally unique. In this indoor and outdoor experience, you will come up against electromagnetic fields and solar flares at top speeds of up to 35 mph. You will be sent hurtling towards the final frontier, and no-one can stop you.

Danse avec les Robots - attraction Futuroscope

Dances with Robots


The rocking robots will get you moving to the high-energy beats, 23 feet up in the air.
Three thrill levels, including one for children.

Attraction Arthur 4D Visio 1

Arthur, the 4D adventure


You’ll fly a ladybug on a 4D adventure into the world of Arthur and the Minimoys. Nature will never seem the same again.

New Attraction Sebastien Loeb visio 1

Sebastien Loeb Racing Xperience


Settle into your dynamic bucket seat in the car of 9-time World Rally Driver’s Champion Sébastien Loeb and put on your virtual reality helmet for some hard and fast racing action! The world’s first 5D VR attraction.

Attraction Aerobar Visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Aerobar


Will you dare to take a ride up in the Aérobar to sip a drink with your legs dangling free, 115 feet up in the air…? It’s high in the air, but you’ll be glad to be there.

Attraction Vienne Dynamique visio 1

Dynamic Vienne


An immersive madcap race through the Vienne in the company of the curious yet endearing Guerliguet.


Attraction Centrifugeuse Visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Centrifuge


Test the centrifugal force and put your head upside down! It turns !

Attraction Turbo Splash visio 1

Turbo Splash


Embark aboard this boat, let yourself be hoisted to 8 meters high and dash to dive with him in the water. Splash!

Attraction Dynamic Visio 1



Hurtle into sci-fi worlds on board imaginary machines blasting headlong at 100 mph.

Attraction As du ciel visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

Aces in the Sky


Cross the air smoothly aboard the basket and, feet in the air, admire Futuropolis from another angle!