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Family Fun
New Attraction Extraordinaire Voyage Visio 1

The Extraordinary Journey

Family Fun

You'll travel to the 4 corners of the Earth and your feet won't touch the ground.
Attraction Machine Voyager dans le temps visio 1

The Time Machine

Family Fun

You’ll discover the best of the Raving Rabbids’ demented jokes in this totally bonkers version of world history.
New Futuropolis


Family Fun

Your children will take charge of the town. And you’ll be surprised at how quickly they grow up. Firemen, lifeguards, drivers, foremen… kids will enjoy playing at grown-ups. 21 attractions and games on 3 hectares that the whole family will enjoy.

Attraction Dans les yeux de Thomas Pesquet visio 1

Through Thomas Pesquet’s eyes

Family Fun

Your curiosity will be awakened with the youngest astronaut from the European Space Agency (ESA). You'll discover all the secrets of his mission along with an incredible view of Earth on Europe's largest screen thanks to 4K IMAX® Laser technology.
Attraction Age de Glace Visio 1

Ice Age

Family Fun

You'll enjoy a totally crazy cool adventure with Sid and your other favourite characters from the film.
Attraction Astra Fun Xperiences

The Arena

Family Fun

You'll go whizzing down giant slides and you'll put your opponents to the test in quick-reaction games and dance-offs. And you'll want to win every time.
New Attraction Sauvetage Academy visio 1

Rescue Academy

Family Fun

You’ll soak everything in your path as you pilot your rescue boat.

Drôles d'oiseaux - Kinékid 1

The Kinékid

Family Fun

You'll see all your favourite characters again at the cinema and you'll travel further back into childhood.
Attraction Graines de pilote visio 1

Budding Drivers

Family Fun

Your children will drive by themselves at the wheel of a real electric car. And they’ll be as free as the air we breathe.

Attraction Tour gravity visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Gravity Tower

Family Fun

You'll try to resist the attraction of the Gravity Tower but you will overcome the laws of gravity.