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Family Fun
New Attraction Extraordinaire Voyage Visio 1

The Extraordinary Journey

Family Fun

Take to the skies aboard an incredible machine for a round-the-world journey with your feet dangling free in the air!

Attraction Machine Voyager dans le temps visio 1

The Time Machine

Family Fun

The Raving Rabbids are taking you on a journey through time!
Enjoy a trip through the great moments in History!

New Attraction Sauvetage Academy visio 1

Rescue Academy

Family Fun

Malo the guard at the boating centre is going to train you to sail a rescue boat, so get ready to go slip-sliding across the water and remember to give everyone a nice big wave!

Attraction Age de Glace Visio 1

Ice Age

Family Fun

Join Scrat, Ice Age’s resident nut-crazed sabre-toothed squirrel, as he time travels in his zaniest adventure to date, Ice Age: No Time For Nuts 4-D.

Attraction Dans les yeux de Thomas Pesquet visio 1

Through Thomas Pesquet’s eyes

Family Fun

Ride the immersive power of 4K IMAX LASER technology and 3D audio on a journey into space with the European Space Agency’s youngest astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, and enjoy the highlights of his 6-month space mission 400 km above the Earth.

New Attraction Futuropolis visio 1


Family Fun

You can be an athlete, pilot, lifeguard, or works foreman - welcome to Futuropolis, the city of the future where children get to be grown-ups!

Attraction Arena Visio 1

The Arena

Family Fun

Have you got the guts to go hurtling down a free-fall slide, or take on an opponent armed with nothing more than the power of your mind? 8 challenges await!


The Kinékid

Family Fun

In this cinema, children will be able to discover their favorite heroes, in more fun adventures than the others.
Currently showing: Storks.

Attraction Graines de pilote visio 1

Budding Drivers

Family Fun

Tomorrow's motorists get behind the wheel of a zero-emission
vehicle in urban driving conditions to learn the highway code
in a fun way while their parents get to be driving examiners.

Attraction Yeux Grands Fermés visio 1

Journey into the Dark

Family Fun

Explore different worlds as a blind guide leads you along a route cloaked in darkness. Smell, listen and touch to see the world in a new way.