Terms of access

Minimum height

Minimum height: 1,20m

Measure your child at one of the information desks to get a bracelet access to attractions. Depending on its size, it will be able to ride or only to watch when the attraction allows it. If your child is too small ask for the Young Kids Option (Baby switch).


- Disabled visitors in wheelchairs: reserved seating or transfer possible
- Download our tour guide for the disabled

For your safety

- No admission for guests with heart problems
- No admission for guests with health conditions that could be aggravated by this ride
- No admission for mothers-to-be
- Not recommended for guests with back or neck problems
- Not recommended for guests who suffer from dizziness or travel sickness
- Some body sizes are not suitable for this attraction
- VR headset: it is not recommended for Children under 12 to use the virtual reality headsets for more than 1 hour. Duration of the ride: 2 min 50

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Comptoir du Monde

Comptoirs du Monde

If you’re dashing your way through the attractions at 100 miles an hour, the globetrotter’s fast-food solution is for you! Our hamburgers, tacos, salads, and ice creams offer you the world on a plate: Far East, the Americas, Asia...

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