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Terms of access

Minimum height

Minimum height:
1,10m: children must be accompanied by an adult
1,20m: children can ride unaccompanied
Maximum height: 1,95m

Measure your child at one of the information desks to get a bracelet access to attractions. Depending on its size, it will be able to ride or only to watch when the attraction allows it. If your child is too small ask for the Young Kids Option (Baby switch).

For safety reasons, this attraction may not be accessible to tall people or with large body size. A test seat is available at the entrance. Please contact our staff for more information.


- Disabled visitors in wheelchairs: guests must be able to walk unaided
- Not recommended for guests who suffer from intellectual disability
- Download our tour guide for the disabled

For your safety

- No admission for guests with heart problems
- No admission for guests with electronic medical devices (including cochlear implants)
- No admission for guests with epilepsy
- No admission for guests with health conditions that could be aggravated by this ride
- No admission for guests with back or neck problems
- No admission for guests with limb atrophy
- No admission for mothers-to-be
- Not recommended for guests who suffer from dizziness or travel sickness
- Some body sizes are not suitable for this attraction

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Hotel Station Cosmos Futuroscope

NEW. Theme hotel

You’ll become passengers on a space base! You and your team will be sleeping in one of the rooms that are set out like comfortable, futuristic cabins. You’ll be genuine intergalactic heroes for a night. Ready for lift-off? A hotel that gives you more: a truly immersive space-station experience, high comfort rating, located at the entrance to the Park.

Space Loop Restaurant

Space Loop Restaurant

A whizzing burst of speed, some loop the loops and your dishes will come spiralling down to where you are sat. Just place your order and then watch it wind its way across the restaurant on a fantastic system of rails to arrive piping hot at your table. The only spectacular experience like it in France, one that will make your head turn and your taste buds dance!
A RollercoasterRestaurant® creation.

L'Atelier des Saveurs

L'Atelier des Saveurs

At l’Atelier des Saveurs, the surroundings are crafted and the meals are devised with an artist’s touch to tell a story.

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Destination Mars

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