Attraction Dynamic Visio 1



Hurtle into sci-fi worlds on board imaginary machines blasting headlong at 100 mph.

Attraction Gyrotour visio 1

The Gyrotour

Family Fun

Climb on board the 360° observatory and spiral gently up 150 ft in the air to enjoy the outstanding panoramic view of the entire Futuroscope site.

Attraction Illusio visio 1

IllusiO, a magical destiny


Take part in the audition and then take part in the show where magic and holograms bring a child's dream of being a magician to life. Help famous magician Bertran Lotth fire out his spectacular illusions before your eyes.

Attraction Aeroport visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

Futuropolis Airport

With the little ones

Climb aboard Celeste's electric plane and slide on this playground, created especially for future airline pilots.

Attraction Ascenso Fusée visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Ascenso-rocket

With the little ones

Join the team of the Ascenso-rocket and fly away!

Attraction Centrifugeuse Visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Centrifuge


Test the centrifugal force and put your head upside down! It turns !

Attraction Rivière en Chantier visio 1

The Waterworks

With the little ones

Help Lucie, the Futuropolis site manager, complete the work on the River.

Attraction Tour gravity visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Gravity Tower

Family Fun

Will you be strong enough to defy the laws of gravity and climb to the top of the Gravity Tower?

Attraction Le Balancier visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Pendulum

Family Fun

Experience the force of inertia with the person of your choice in the Pendulum! Thrills guaranteed!

Attraction Jardin Aquatique visio 1

The Aquatic Garden

With the little ones

Have fun in the Aquatic Garden of Begonia!