Vienne Dynamique 1

Dynamic Vienne


You'll find the Vienne département to be a fairytale experience and your guide on this tourist trip will be a tree.

IllusiO, a magical destiny 1

IllusiO, a magical destiny


You won't be able to resist the illusion of this magic show. And your mind won't know whether it's coming or going.
Best Magic show - French Federation of Prestidigitators 2019

Attraction Sebastien Loeb visio 1

Sebastien Loeb Racing Xperience


You'll go hurtling through a slip-sliding, skidding adventure alongside 9-time World Rally Champion Sébastian Loeb. And you'll be raring to go. Put on your virtual reality helmet and you'll be in the heat of the action
Attraction Sauvetage Academy visio 1

Rescue Academy

Fun for all

You’ll soak everything in your path as you pilot your rescue boat.

Through Thomas Pesquet’s eyes 1

Through Thomas Pesquet’s eyes

Fun for all

Your curiosity will be awakened with the youngest astronaut from the European Space Agency (ESA). You'll discover all the secrets of his mission along with an incredible view of Earth on Europe's largest screen thanks to 4K IMAX® Laser technology.

The Kinékid 1

The Kinékid

Fun for all

You'll see all your favourite characters again at the cinema and you'll travel further back into childhood.

Ice Age 1

Ice Age

Fun for all

You'll enjoy a totally crazy cool adventure with Sid and your other favourite characters from the film.

Attraction Aerobar Visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

The Aerobar


You'll sip a drink 115 ft up in the air and you won't want to come down from cloud nine.
Attraction Apprentis Pompiers visio 1_©Jean Luc Audy

Fledgling Firefighters

For the youngests

You’ll climb on board the fire engine and use the water hoses. And you’ll have the best aim.

Les Yeux Grands Fermés

Journey into the Dark


You'll follow your blind guide with your eyes shut and you'll feel your senses open up to the world.